Friday, June 29, 2007


This shirt started it's life in a shop in the mid 70's I'd say, who knows where it's been till I found it in Vinnies, still in it's packet with the original price tag. I loved the fabric, and thought it might fit Big D, but alas just a bit tight, so then I thought I would wear it as my round the house shirt ... but then I remembered hearing about a method of turning a men's shirt into a girls dress. In less than 2 hours, I had the perfect pini for P with buttons all down the back - see all those buttons? I didn't sew one of those suckers on! This was a long sleeve shirt, size 'M" (95cm chest the dress is a size 4) there is only one sleeve left, the other one was used for the straps, but there may be enough fabric in the sleeve for a belt. I like fact the the back yoke has become such a cute front. The only erksome part was unpicking the pocket, but I'm fairly deft with seem rippers, lots of practice in that department!

Old School

An old fashioned pini top for Miss P, this is made with a fine pin cord, which doesn't photograph that well, and vintage buttons. I hemmed it with some wide bias tape as I cut it a bit short. I'm really looking forward to making this in a summer fabric and dress style. So many Spring/Summer ideas I'm a bit over working with pin-cord and the like. Roll on Spring ...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Praying to the Baby Gods

Well, Bid D and I are at it again, trying to make another baby. We conceived Parker via IVF, and it's the only hope for us for a 2nd child, there is no chance of us conceiving the normal way! So I've been taking Synarel, via a snort up the nose 3 times a day, not pleasant - this goes on through out the process - ouch, think I prefer an injection - oh that's right, I'll get some of those too - they start next week (in conjunction the nasal blast) - all worth it for just an ounce of baby love! We are about 3 weeks away from the whole egg pick-up - embryo transfer stage. So may or may not be Hormonal Harriet (as my Mum woudld say)!! Should I apologise now, in advance for any odd ramblings that may appear over the next few weeks?? Nah - you can handle it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Conversation With Parker

in the bath with Dad: Dad: Can I have some more room for my legs? P: I've got big legs, look like you Dad: I just need a little bit more room P: But Mummy doesn't have long legs, cause I've got big legs and knees Bed Time: P: You want to play a game? Dad: Put your jammies on first, then we'll play P: But I want to play Polly first, I love climbing ropes and callipurs (Caterpillars) later.. P: I'm tired, go to sleep here? Dad: No you need to go in your own bed P: Where's Polly's cat? Polly and her cat? D: Come on, bed time P: Five more minutes, I just need to find polly and her cat Making Scrambled Eggs: P: This is hard work with the spoon Mum: Mind, don't touch the oven, it's hot P: I can touch this bit here? (touching the side) Mum: OK but be careful P: I love scrambba eggs! Please I put them on my knee and eat them, they not hot. P: Parker's not silly, Parker's a big girl

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Op Shop Tuesday

My local little op shop just threw this curtain at me today, how could I say no? I've got plans, I'm dying to get hold of Amy Butler's 'Frenchy Bag', I've found the pattern over here there's some really nice fabric too, all very tempting.

Heaps of sewing to do today, Miss P really needs some warm dresses and skirts, can't get her in jeans at the mo, and it's freezing here in Sydney!

Saturday, June 16, 2007


The latest (Summer) issue of Small Magazine is available online to look at now! I love this online mag - it's just full of gorgeous kids clothes, art, anything on a small scale. There are also lots of website links to look at, much inspiration!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pretty Pic

I'm just in love with these pictures, from an old Fairy Tale book, I'm thinking of having some cards made for 'ethel loves fred', just need to decide on which ones, this one is from Cinderella, heaps better than the Disney version.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Reflecting ... posing, call it what you will

Here's a photo from our Wedding Day, it's coming up to 10 years soon(ish), so thought I would post a pic. It's amazing what you squash into a decade! Looking forward to the next one. Just wish I had more energy and time - don't we all?!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Op Art Dress for Little P

Finally did Some long over due sewing for my little Pea this weekend, this dress is pin cord at the back - but can be worn either way, showing it un-hemmed in the photo, but it is now finished and she's wearing it do Daycare with tights and a long top. So cold at the moment, we walk up to Day Care and she had her little duffel coat on this morning, dawdling behind me, talking on her Fairy Phone to 'Day Care's House' as she calls it - she was telling me to be quiet, and then telling her carer that she was on her way, made me laugh.