Saturday, April 24, 2010

Embroidery - Love.

Images from 'Golden Hands Book of Embroidery' 1972. I particularly like the Gothic house design,
oh and the dog, I love the dog. I had a dog just like this one
in 1990something, she was adorable, Sophie, a kelpie cross.

I'm back into my sewing - mojo is back, and loving it!

Sometimes it's good to step back from something.
I'm enjoying it with the same gusto that I started with.
I've been reading through old sewing books,
going through my fabric, and formulating ideas.
I am still very committed to hand-made,
in fact I think it's more important than ever,
we all need to think about where, and under what conditions
our garments are made.

Crafty pics to follow soon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

File this under randon

I just downloaded the photos from my camera, here's a glance:

Mind the gap! The space where her tooth was.
Some skirts for sale at the markets.
A custom order doll (part of a set, with 10 mattresses and tiny pea).
Morning Lakeside, Sanctuary Point, Easter time.
A new Library bag for Little P, ready for Term 2
which starts tomorrow in NSW.
Good having an extra day with which to make stuff! She's a prolific little library borrower!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stuff lately

Little P and I made this dream catcher last month, I shared it of FB, but forgot to blog it.
Very easy to make, she felt she needed something to ensure she would have a great day,
and wholeheartedly believes this turns her bad dreams into good.
Market stalling, I sold these boots, my fave 70's knee-highs, the heel was just
way too high for me these days!
Harmony Day at school, red and orange.
I made this skirt with some lovely vintage
cotton. As we were approaching school, for the first time ever, Little P said she
felt nervous wearing a 'Mum Made' skirt, I knew it was coming.
Peer pressure, it's a bitch right?
(She was really happy though once she got some compliments, and some of
the Mum's asked if I could make them one)!
Celebrating our ginger cat 'Bupka' she's 14 years old this year.