Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Little Story of the Big Dress

This dress is for my friend, Shirl who works at my oppy. When I first met Shirl I called her 'Shirley' to which she replied 'don't call me Shirley, she's a bitch, call me Shirl'. Shirl, knowing that I can sew a bit, put this rather see through poly/cotton fabric aside for me to make a dress for her, she gave me a brief 'something with tie up shoulders and not too fussy, it's just for when it's hot and I'm at home' right I thought, something that is loose fitting, that won't startle any one who should come to the door! When I asked her to measure her widest part, she raised an eyebrow, and looked at me, and said 'are you sure? mmmm, now let me see, widest part' she put the tape measure around her hips and bum, 60 inches!! Yup that's the whole tape measure!!

I really like Shirl, she calls a spade a spade, and is quite a force at the counter of Vinnies, but once you get to know her, she's pure gold. She's out lived 2 husbands, the first being a Vice Cop who ran off with a 'Shirley'! I asked if he was collecting them, and she laughed, we've been friends ever since! She lives near by me, and I often see her just sitting on her balcony, can't wait to see her siting on her balcony in her new dress!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A breakthrough ...

Parker will finally 'pose' for me! So here she is with a little over the shoulder bag I made for her.

Not much of anything to report, just as well as our computer has a bad virus and is prone to booting me out whenever I try to post, hence the lack of blogging.
Parker is going to a 'Finding Fairyland" Party tomorrow, she wants to go as a Pirate, I'm feeling protective and was wondering if I should stash a fairy dress in my bag - just in case? (I'm secretly delighted that she wants to go as a pirate BTW)!! But I know that kids can be cruel, and I don't want her to feel dejected, I've armed her with some come backs, just things like 'girls can do anything' etc etc. Any way, will take lots of pics to post.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This is ... and more

... The view from our front door, clean-up day is coming, ergo the boxes over the road - must add some junk to the front of our house too! (thanks Brooke for this weeks's theme).
I just noticed Kabuki's tail in this photo, she has a way of sneaking into my photos!

..... a hand made gift for Miss P from our friend Lis, we love this, looks so cute in her room.

An old T.Shirt with some applique, much more wearable now - just needs another button sewn on. This was uber easy to do, I could have cleaned the toothpaste off the bathroom mirror in the time it took to sew this on! Martha Stewart I am not!

Monday, March 03, 2008

This is ...

My inspiration-board. Thanks to Pip for a great theme this week, I love updating my board, it changes like the wind! One of my favourite things on this is the David Bromley portrait, I love his portraits so much, and I'm hoping that by having a copy to visualise, it it may bring the real thing to me! I'd better go and read 'The Secret'!!

I've been tagged again to do the 7 weird facts about me again, this tag comes via the very talented Starashan

1) I tend to binge on things I like, and then go off them, I once baked 20 individual pumpkin tarts, that lasted about 20 minutes, I've never made them since!

2) I do the quick crossword in the Sydney Morning Herald every day.

3) I'm completely fickle when it comes to fashion. I can loathe high-waisted jeans one day, and then spend a week trying to find the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans! Are we all a bit like this? Yeah, I think so!

4) I've got a real bee in my bonnet about sweat shops. WHY does everything from the $2 shop smell funny?

5) I'm really superstitious! Black cats, ladders, lucky coins, lucky aprons, you name it, I guess I'm over bad luck and will do anything to ensure good luck in my life!

6) I am a list maker, whenever I'm faced with any kind of project, I immediately sit down and make a list. I've got lists all over the place, I find them in old books, to do lists for selling houses, what to buy and make for Christmas 1999, and endless lists for girls names circa 2003!

7) I'm still looking for my perfect career!!! Any advice greatly appreciated, feel free to use the above list to piece together exactly what it is that I should be doing for a living!

Let me think about who to tag this time!