Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miss P came home from DayCare with glitter gel in her hair, they must have been playing Littlest Pet Shop, her fave thing to do at the moment! I wanted to get a nice photo of her in the denim pinni I made (with ex-70's-sheet-trim) this is as good as it gets as far as 'stand still and smile' ... the hair is alive though!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Life of the Party ....

This is from a knitting book circa 1970 something - priceless - look at the faces of these children looking at the clown, the sheer horror on their faces - the little boy with the glasses is funny, but the little girl in the blue jumer with her eyes closed, hoping for it to all end is just priceless.

What were they thinking?

If it looks like an old sheet....

then in our house it probably is, I made this skirt for P from a 70's sheet I found at the Op Shop - ooooh the cotton is gorge-ass to work with! This is my favourite style skirt at the mo, sits just past the knee and is elasticated at the back, really girly and full.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Long time no blog. My camera is crap or I'm a crap photographer so I've been put off the blog. I've been thinking about teaching Miss P to sew soon, she's 3 and a bit, then i realised that whenever I sew anything by hand I swear, and I'm not talking gently expletives, it's when I stick myself with a needle or pin, doesn't really conjour up the most motherly sight I know, but I sew and swear alone!

Speaking of the P, she has been doing the wackiest pictures of late, these big heads with eyes, and sticks jutting out for arms and legs (no body at all, but hair!) I love them, so here is one to share.