Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Partied out... Miss P had 2 parties on top of the other on the weekend, sheer hell as far as food went, hard to stop the mass consumption of sugar (she threw up after the Sunday one, three times no less) she was dressed as a Lady-Bird, or Lady-Girdy as she says! Party on Saturday was a Circus theme, so she went as the 'Strong Girl'!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Very much into this old embroidery - I started the collection at Christmas time, and was on a roll for a while, but haven't found any for a while. I am so amazed by the talent of the women who made these, each one is hand made - they are so intricate and beautiful. I have about 50 peices so far, including 3 aprons, which I guess are from the 1940's (juding by the patterns and colour) they are quite hard to date (apart form the Art Deco ones, true of any Art Deco object!) Aprons are harder to find, probably because they were so well used! I'm quite partial to throwing on an apron when I cook, always tempted to leave it on and do the hoovering!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

PMT = Sewing disasters So I've been trying to sew today, but am clumsy and awkward with it. I always get like this around this time of the month, all fingers and thumbs. I've come in from my sewing-room and will argue with Big D instead. Rode the bus to Spotlight in the am with Miss P, Spring is coming and she was sitting on the bus in her skirt with her legs wide apart, hard to convey to a 2.5 yr old that this is not the way to sit on a bus. She is really into transport - lucky for me as I don't have a car!! Posting a picture of the window from my room, the japanese Maple looks a bit bare at this time of year, but I like the shadow it casts.