Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another one bites the dust!

He came, he drank his Scotch, ate his cupcake
and left presents - how does he manage it?
Little P hopes every year that he doesn't get
pulled over and breathalysed, but I just tell her that
with Rudolf at the helm, he 's okay to drive the sleigh!
Hope you had a good time, spent with
the one's you love the most!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making stuff and the like

A very rewarding little project, with stamps gifted to Little P and a roll of
plain paper, you can make as little or as much as you need.
Hand made wrapping paper has such a great feel and look.
Chrimbo looking like a low key event this year
plan on doing some serious eating .... drinking,
(champagne cocktails for me!) and lolling about.
Let's hope yours is a good one.
Remember rule Number 3. Don't panic!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Op Shop Luck!

The Goddess of Tapestry must have been smiling on me today!
I popped into my local oppy, looking for vintage Christmas bling,
and saw this gorgeous tapestry, looks like early 70's, beautiful work-girl-ship!
Now living in my colourful, but somewhat messy home.

Out with a bang!

The school year ended with a talent quest ... and much to my surprisement Little P
took out the comedy/drama category!
She did 'All My Great Excuses' a funny poem/play by Ken Nesbitt.
I try not to underestimate her, but I was quite shocked at her delivery and confidence,
when she practised at home, she ran through it really quickly and it was lost.
But on stage, and in front of the whole school ... she was ...
brave and true!
I almost cried, it really was
one of those 'Mum Moments' that you read about
in those wanky kid's magazines - and I didn't know
she had won till after school,
a friend asked her who won the talent quest,
and she pulled the certificate from her bag and said
'Oh I did!'

Kids are often 'boxed' at school
and their learning can be limited, restricted almost
to the confides of the class room, they are summed up
all too easily, and placed in a hierarchical system within
the classroom/playground. They love nothing more
than following the leader ... and more often than not
the leaders are not always honest ... just like in the real world.
The school year for me (Year 1 for Little P)
was a bit of a bumpy ride,
her resilience has greatly impressed me, and I'm proud of
the way she does her own thing, and her honesty.
Above all her honesty!

re cycle

Fantastic use of old bicycles, I'd love this in the front garden!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Slowly getting into the festive spirit,
Big D is making chutney as well as pineapple and mango jam
for gifting this year, Little P and I making decies and wrapping paper ....
The house smells Christmassy, and looks Christmassy ... I'm just feeling a bit
bah-humbugish .... won't last, I've got one more week.