Thursday, August 27, 2009

Echos Lost Work

So, here is my finished work for 'Echo's Lost' - an exploration of memory, or the void that's left when memory fades. I've made 'pockets' connected by red thread from a central 'womb', there are 7 'pockets' to represent the various phases of a life cycle. The red thread represents the umbilical cord. To give you an indication of size, this piece is a mere 19cm x 19cm (that's the dimensions of the mat itself). The exhibition is part of the Melbourne Fringe festival 09, and I
m very excited to be involved, I like working to a theme, and particularly love seeing what all the other artist come up with as well.
We have no memory of our time inutero, and what follows are the memories that we make our own from there on in. I'm no expert on memory, I just have my own, and each phase of my life gets pushed further back, being replaced by a new one. Hmmm, it's an intriguing subject for sure, and the process has really made me think about memory. It's an emotional thing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


More from Dottie Angel. I'm inspired by this woman on a daily basis.


In Small online magazine.

Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Hall Way

Giving you a squiz at the hallway at the moment ... cherry blossom in Israeli 60's vase. 'Green Woman' by Simon Bates, bought in Byron Bay.

The picture above is my favourite, 'The Memory Maker' painted by my sister, and given to me for my birthday back in April.
I'm madly working away on my work for Omnific Assmebly show in September, funnily enough, the theme is memory, an exploration of memory, the void that's left when memory fades.
I'm doing a soft sculpture, quite small, smaller than the scale I usually work to. I'm nearly finished, just some placement stuff, and final stitchery. Pictures to follow on completion.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spring in the City

We caught the ferry into the city and wandered around the MCA.
Then we had a picnic lunch, at Observatory Hill,
the sun is shining once more, this fills me with anticipation,
anything is possible again!
Little P has had a hair cut, a shoulder length bob.
She nagged and nagged, I'm a sucker for pony-tails,
but now that it's gone, I do really like it, and so easy to brush now.
Here's to sunny days, long flowing skirts, and ice-creams!
I hope it's sunny in your part of the world!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A skirt for Me!

Feeling inspired on the skirt front. I made this one for me
with the vintage fabric I showed off last week.
It's a fantastic weight, denim like.
I'm planning a pinafore and a couple
more skirts before Spring, you know,
all going well, time permitting!
And, just cause my little Kindy-girl doesn't like to
miss out on a photo, here's one of the two of us!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Flashback Monday

An African Mangrove. We kind of blend in to this pic,
but you can see us in the left hand corner with my Dad.
On the beach in Durban, South Africa.
My brother is laughing so hard at something,
probably one of his own jokes,
he still does this, but it's far less annoying now!!

My childhood memories are interwoven with my siblings.
Being the youngest of 3, and 3 years apart, I don't
think I have many memories that don't contain them.
Sometimes, and only sometimes, I marvel at how
different my childhood is to my daughter's.
She doesn't have any siblings, not through choice,
just unlucky there. I don't complain about it, she was hard won!
There are some advantages to having only one,
her confidence level is fantastic, nothing but
praise, no one to bring her down when she does well.
No bickering in the back of the car - oh those African road trips!!
Sibling rivalry can be a bitch.
But basically, there has been an acceptance in the last 6 months,
from both me and my partner, and we are happy, and blessed
to have one good one!

Camping it up, Barbie Style

I was just tidying up after the weekend, and this was too cute not to share!
Little P asked me to make a sleeping bag for her Barbie's, 'big enough for 2 Mummy'.
They just fit, and the tent is made from a box.
Luxury, Barbie Style!