Friday, June 30, 2006

some of my fabric stash, it isn't really in order, but who has time to do that? I'm looking around for some suitable storage, this cupboard is an Ikea-in-a-hurry-job. Would like something solid that will last, and of course bigger. I'll make the time to organise this, the dream is to have enough genuine vintage fabric to fill a cupboard by iteslf!

"Venus and Bluebell Turn on the Night"! I wonder which one is 'Venus' and which one is 'Bluebell'?

Big D and I bought this as a rather ugly pine hutch on e-bay for a song. We painted it (white, obviously) and put some gorgeous rose cermaic handles on. Brilliant book/toy storage, and the underneath holds a wealth of plastic junk, which just seems to accumulate in our house!! Very happy with the outcome - and little P loves it, not as much as she loves Polly Pocket - but nearly!

Just the beginning of what I hope to be a rather sweet collection of ceramic birds, at the moment they are still very cheap to buy and easyish to find. The blue and white one with beetle is made in Germany.

The buttons in the background are all white and all plastic!!!! WOW!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

This fella was made on request for a girlfriend, I don't use cord for the faces any more, I use felt, as i sew the faces on by hand & felt is far less labour intensive, the design of this sofite is changing all the time. I must remember to take photos of the ones that I sell, as too often they fly out the door, and sometimes - well I forget!!! The felt squares and circles in the background is something I was working on and is now finished, but I'm unsure whether to stretch it over a canvas, hang it as is, or make a cushion. hard to see the detail in such a crappy photo though! I'm going to have a go at felting tonight, from an old woolen jumper, hope it works out ok!

I really like these images of the mona lisa, i used to collect knick-knacks and tacky pictures of the mona lisa, it was really the first thing I started collecting.

I wanted to put up some of the amazing artwork from our local streets, these were taken in around Newtown/Enmore in 2005, I love graffiti it's free and constantly chainging. My two big passions in life - grafitti and sewing!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big D and I have started to grow .... some our seeds at 3 weeks old, some culling and growing has happened since we planted, hoping to have some bumper veg soon! The rocket has been very successful - would highly recommend growing your own! I made this floor cushion for my little one to read/rummble/sleep/watch TV - made from scrap peices of fabric, it has become a fave thing in the house, we love a good snoogle.

Monday, June 26, 2006

First time blogging!

front and back view of the first softies I made - they have evolved - and so have I!! Travelling on the Zig-Zag Railway - what a fantastic name!