Saturday, November 25, 2006

Let the Wild Rumpus Start .... Just 2 weeks till Miss P turns the big 3. We're having a party for her at home this year, nothing too flash, just her friends/cousins and lots of food, a big cake and of course some helium balloons! I'm going to try and stick to a colour scheme, cause I never really do, so going with lime green and orange. And going to play pass the parcel, with lots of cute trinkets from my fave shop "The 1,2,3 dollar" shop at Birkenhead - love it, they have the cutest little things, like big fat rubbers in the shape of crayons and thongs!! Will put some pics up once I've got the stash!

Posting this pic of our little minx when she was 9 months old, love looking back at old photos - in this one you can really see how orange her nose was dut to her love of carrot and pumpkin mash - I wish she still sat there opened mouthed at every meal!

Monday, November 20, 2006

busy making clothes, light on the softies at the moment - I made one the other night, on request for a carer from Miss P's Day Care, and didn't really enjoy doing it towards the end, no photo of the end result, was in such a rush to get her out the door. I've been making little swing type tops for P with contrasting band and shoulder straps, here is a pic of one of the combos, I love blue clothes (and red home furnishings!). I've been eyeing off some facric on ebay - it's getting really pricey these days, pity because I'm a cutter not a stasher, but think I should start stashing as well!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halter dress for P - simple and 70's, this looks great on, but I can never get her to stand still long enough to take a photo of her wearing anything. I've made a few of these in other fabrics (none as special as this one though) an easy pattern, 3 peices, it has a thin casing of elastic at the back, which gives it a really floaty look. I've got to get my parcel off soon for beautiful use, project is complete. I'm sending it off to Canada. I will be sending goodies off to Austen from I love sending and receiving real mail - and parcels are always a joy to bundle up and send.