Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just Lately

The Blue Mountains with friends
Perfect poncho weather!
Found at my Oppy, on a Saturday,
rarely do I visit my oppy on a Saturday,
too busy, I like to take my time,
go through all my favourite sections quietly,
methodically, I often fold things that have been
messily tossed back! I think I will be visiting on Saturday's,
in the future, for the fabric,
maybe that's the day 'the fabric sorter' is in.
On the home front .... not much.
2nd week of school holiday madness.
We've been busy, not much 'home time'.
Will get some 'jammie days' this week.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My version of a shopping bag. Made from vintage upholstery weight linen, and doilies.
This one is for my Sister, and I'm in the process of making myself one.
I'm really happy with this bag, I wanted it to look organic and not too polished or slick,
but still 'finished'. I'm never keen perfection, but like things to be durable and well made.
I feel I got the balance right with this. And what better way to help the environment
than by using a 'green bag' that is made from vintage fabrics?

In other news, I heard that there was an abduction attempt on two 7 year old girls in Sydney on Friday, from the playground at a school (not our school), by a man and a woman.

The children got away and ran to a teacher, the would be abductors also fled, there was a description of the car, and the couple on the news. Scary for all parents, how brazen and from school!
In light of this, I thought it prudent to have the 'stranger danger' chat with Little P again. I might have been over the top though, cause she said she was scared this morning. I told her not to be scared, but to be 'alert', and to do what we talked about.
My question is, how do you emphasise the importance of stranger danger, without scaring the be-jingoes out of them?

Friday, July 03, 2009

My favourite ....

... afternoon tea? Devonshire tea, scones made by Bid D Loaded with jam and cream,
And devoured!
We are going to see 'Chicago' tonight.
Little P is having her first proper
sleep-over, with a dear and trusted friend.
Here's hoping you all have a great weekend.