Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shakedown, the week that was!

One of the highlights for me, in all the end of year procedures, has been receiving Little P's work books and art.
The above story is one on my favourites from her work book.
A little story about Freddy and Minnie, who eat too much spaghetti, which makes Minnie sick.
Very cute hat she's drawn on Minnie.
Just lately she's been saying she'd like to be a Milliner when she grows up, and has been making hats of all descriptions!
In love with her elephant painting, crayon and water colour, herself riding on top.
She's had such a brilliant start to her schooling, blessed with a teacher who really understands and appreciates her, she's kind to her students, and accepts difference in people readily.
Her Kindy teacher has enriched her life, and nurtured her natural love of learning.
We've been very lucky.

On the home front ......
Some gorgeous vintage orange and pink (my favourite combo) from the Oppy today.
Relaxing in the garden with a 'Judy Moody' book! lots of days like this ahead over the next month or so!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

A week in early December.....

Christmas tree up, only half filled it this year, as we're driving North for the big day.
Little P turned 6
Cleaned my lady-cave, cause cleanliness is next to craftiness!
Big D turned 42!
Made a couple of summer frocks for me.
End of year dance concert.
Looking resplendent with ballet bun!