Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busting with pride!

Little P started school on Friday - K1 (Prep for those interstate readers).
Milestones pass so quickly, I was a bit teary the night before.
The last 5 years flashed before me,
all that wondering 'what will she be like when she's bigger?'
Also some 'mother guilt'
Did I cherish our days together enough?
Even those days when she was 3 and 4 driving me crazy?!
Yeah, I did, they are cherished, and now onto new days
School days ......
And.... just before her ear really kicks in, and these are corrected.... some 'Parkerisms':

Clubster - Lobster
Pink Fancer - Pink Panther
Sucoon - Kazoo
Yokey - Gaotie (her dad sports a yokey from time to time)!
Micro Brains - Nutri Grain

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skirts and Clutter

I bought this 3 tier teak shelf thingy on wheels from the oppy a few weeks back,
so that I could display some of my vintage kitchen goodies, this is a pic of the middle tier.
I keep walking past and thinking that I've left the cupboard door open!
Last summer skirt for Little P, to accommodate her growth spurt!
In 2 days time she'll be wearing a uniform 5 days a week!
I'm excited for her, but not getting her too
hyped about it, just keeping a very calm exterior.
I have discovered, with Birthday and Christmas,
it's not such a good idea to get them too
excited, she tends to almost explode with excitement,
and I'd like her to be relatively calm about starting school.
I have my own fear and angst about it.
What will they make of my Little P?
She has a curious mind, and a raucous sense of humour,
lets hope it they both remain with her
for the duration of her schooling.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hearts, fairies and shouting clocks.

Finally, I feel like sewing again, Santa took my mojo!
A skirt made with the Saffron Craig fabric I bought at the Markets,
hemmed with vintage lawn binding.
Rather fetching on!
I'm hoping this has kick started my
sewing 'to-do list', it was nice to choose some
fabric and see it through to completion,
without feeling like it was a chore.
We bought this 'talking' Hello Kitty alarm clock for P on e-bay,
looks cute enough right?
The truth is it YELLS at you in Cantonese,
over and over, it shouts out, till you press the button.
Nothing gentle and cute about it, it terrifies small children!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

When Macrame Attacks

Saw this grotesque macrame balaclava at Rozelle Markets today! For Shula.

A Parker drawing, this is her on the left,

(she lusts after red hair, due to her Atomic Betty thing).

She tells me this is her buddy, at big school, and this is all the stuff she's going to learn at school in her head!

And, a lovely day with Zoe from RivetKitty (and 'Mouse-Pocket') yesterday, spent vintage fabric shopping and catching up, it's been a while, there's been a move to Newcastle, and a new baby for Zoe since we last hooked up! I had a great day Zoe, and we must to it again, sooner rather than later!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Spot the diff

This is my Mum (circa 1969) This is Olivia

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Woman's Weekly 1967

Like a gate?
I wonder if this apron is from the same household as
The woman's Weekly, found today at the Oppy?
I like to think it is.
I've got way too much time on my hands to
rummage through the oppy at the mo.
I'm not exactly putting enormous red crosses through
the calendar, but how many weeks till school starts?
P and I made some Peanut butter and honey cookies today,
I'm calling them cookies 'cause the book I used is
vintage American, the makers, in my opinion,
of the best cookies on the planet!!
About to hit the sewing machine, but feeling a bit bereft
inspiration wise, I've been thinking up
projects, then when I go to make them up,
I can't make my mind up about which fabric
to use, and end up making nothing instead.
So, here's hoping my trip to the
craft room yields something - ANYTHING!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ramdom stuff from about the house and beyond.

I'm leaving these dragon fly lights around Parker's bed, cause I like them.
Our 11 yr old neighbour made her the frangipanni lai, smells gorgeous!
I tidied up the craft table, which sits next to my sewing table.
Made this with Parker, she drew herself, I glued her down and added caption.
"I like Vincent, but I prefer Frida!"
Made with a calender from last year, I'm so 5 days ago!
Fish and chips at Watson's Bay on Sunday.
A 60's lucite choker from the oppy
crappy photo I know, but couldn't wait to show this off!
No whining from me about the small one these hols,
Hope you are enjoying 2009 so far.