Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shakedown 1994

I'm having a bit of a defenestration, and I happened upon an appointment diary from 1994.
I was working as a temp, doing admin stuff, disliked it, immensely, it paid the rent.
I worked at (amongst others):
Tracey, Brumpton & Hammond Ethnic Affiars Commission
Carlson's Marketing
Coopers and Lybrand
I went to watch, and listen to (amongst others):
Died Pretty (Vic on the Park)
Louis Tillett (The Sando)
The Verys (The Vulcan)
Charlie Owen (The Annandale)
Bug (The Annandale)
1994 Big Day Out:
The Breeders - massive highlight of the year!
You Am I
Cruel Sea
Sound Garden
Smashing Pumpkins
I went to see (amongst others):
Blue Murder at the Belvoir St Theatre
Ate at (amongst others):
The Razor's Edge (Enmore)
North Indian Diner (Newtown)
Happy Chef (Newtown)
Sumali Thai (Newtown)
Betty's Soup Kitchen (Darlinghurst)
Sloan Rangers (Darlinghurst)
Lolita's (Glebe)

A funny snippet of my life, a reminder that I DID go out once - because last night it was pre-school music night, had a great time, not sure if it was as much fun as Big Day Out in 94, just a different kind of fun! It did make me realise just how long it's been since I went to see some live music, must rectify that (if I can handle the noise that is!!)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pinni Show

Shirl, who used to work at the Oppy, told me about 'Pinni Shows'.
When she lived in the country, every Friday a group of women would get together to have morning tea, as part of the ritual, they would do a 'Pinni Show'.
Whoever had made a pinni during the week had the opportunity to show it off to all the other women! Kind of like a fashion show, I LOVE this idea, I'm keen to start my own 'Pinni Show'.
But in the mean time, I'll have one online. Here are my most recent finds!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Urban Knitting

Spotted in newtown, very nice work!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Market Find

From Camberwell markets. An original oil painting, 1960's I'd say. The colours in this are so sweet, I particularly like the olive coloured vase and the frame. It's on P's bedside table at the moment, awaiting a hook from the Big D. That's a hint honey, if you are still reading.

quirky and Unspectacular?

So, I've had some tagging, blog love from Loz and Dinny, The Crafty Librarian and Che & Fidel (bet you thought I forgot or wasn't playing didn't you?)
The Rules (I don't like rules, but here they are):
- Link to the person/people who tagged you.
- Mention the rules.
- Tell six quirky yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself.
And here are the quirky, unspectacular facts:
1) I'm a big softie at heart, you've only got to say 'please' and if I've got it, you can have it.
2) I CAN NOT listen to 'Dire Straits' or 'The Eagles'. Sorry if you are a fan, I personally find both these bands profoundly boring.
3) I have tiny feet! A size 5.5, which are increasingly hard to come by these days, so I wear a 6, with inner-soles, unless they are vintage of course.
4) I own around 20 vintage aprons, of which I only wear about 3.
5) I get 'crushes' on albums, and go through fazes of listening to the same one for a couple of weeks or so .. then I move on to the next. I'm 41 so you can imagine I've had a fair few albums on 'high rotation'.
6) My favourite movie, since the age of 9 is 'the Wizard of Oz'.
No tagging from me, I think all the blogs I visit have already done this one!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Melbourne was about ....

Spending time with cousins
A little bit of sight seeing ..... and
Vintage buttons at Camberwell markets!
I think I'm living in entirely the wrong city. We had such a good time, the food, the shopping, the art!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back Soon ...

Might be a bit of a vacuum around here.

Just popping down to Melbourne for a few days .... lots of pics upon our return.

Showing another Parker photo, taken in my sewing room, at night, I like the shadow this makes on the wall.

Also wanted to thank everyone for enjoying my stash (gosh, that sounds so rude!) It was fun playing, but I don't think I need any further encouragement!!!


Friday, October 03, 2008

Stay With Me ....

Not sure if this makes for interesting blogging, but I'm really chuffed to have received the 'Love Your Blog Award' from the multi-talented beccasauras. Thanks honey - I'm really touched! I get to nominate 5 blogs that I heart at the moment - yay! And these are my 5 nominees: The Silver Bee The Ruth Spoon (a perennial favourite!) Badskirt Knitting Sprouts Teacups on Treetops I've also been tagged by The Little Things to do the 'if meme'. List 5 things that could have changed your life. Link the person who tagged you, tag 5 others. So here they are: 1) If I'd drank less in the 80's I would be able to remember, with great joy, the reckless abandon! 2) If I'd married my first boyfriend, I'd be bored shitless by now. 3) If I'd bought a bunny instead of a red cattle dog, I wouldn't have to sweep up a summer coat, AND a winter coat 3 times a day. 4) If I'd gone back to work when Parker was 6 months old, I wouldn't have been there when she saw her fist butterfly, or felt rain on her face for the first time. 5) If I had been born a boy, I would make a point of thinking with my heart, and not my dick. tagging: Bugandpop Midgeemoo Loz and Dinny Oh, and I nearly forgot, Curly Pops, and thanks to you for pointing me in the right direction with the above blogs. That's all!

Week of Show and Tell .... Vintage

Just try and stop me, I'm on a roll! Having so much fun showing off my fabric,
thanks Pip, it's addictive!

These are some of my favourite vintage fabrics, last photo: Irish Linen tea towels.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

More Tales From the Stash...

Choosing some faves, the one above is a pillowcase that I've been meaning to use as applique for ages. perhaps the process of going through my fabric will motivate me to finish all the projects I've started, and maybe start some new ones.

And ... just so you don't think that it's all neat bundles, all the time, a pile of misc fabric. Some bias strips, a folksy linen table cloth, and some upholstery fabric. I have plans for the upholstery fabric, oh yes I do ... plans I tell you!

See Mikes for more fabric-stashers!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fabric Stash - Show and Tell

Above: Alexander Henry print, a recent purchase.
Some Japanese loveliness,
as you can see I've taught Parker the gentle art of fabric stroking! A Bundle of mostly vintage
And this is where most of the stash resides.

Playing along with Pip's week of 'Show and Tell'.

Head over to Mikes to see who's playing, and what they've got in their stash! Fabric Porn it is!

More fabric tomorrow.

Rewind - 1970

Back when Elvis was still eating peanut butter & jelly sambos, shooting teles, and watching girls wrestling in their undies. (Now there's a guy who knew how to use money and fame!)

Back before minimalist interiors invaded the scene, this is how Australians aspired to decorate their houses.

I love this book, hours of fun have been spent pouring through these pages!