Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Smock it

Managed to beat the other linen lovers to these 3 sheets today at the Op Shop, think they will make cute little summer smocks, no more winter sewing for me - I'm waiting it out - just going to focus on Spring/Summer .... really only another 2 more months of this weather left, I'm counting!

We are going to see Shrek 3 tomorrow, meeting my sister and her two little girls - Little P is very excited, she keeps telling people (strangers in the street, any one) 'we're going to see Shrek in the garden and the meadow' must be something in the ad that she's seen. She is pestering me for a Doctor's Coat - 'please Mum you make my Doctor's Coat now' - I said in passing that I'd make her one ages ago, and she had a mind like a steal trap - so I'm off to find some white cotton.


ingrid said...

Oh pretty pretty. I really like the soft blue and green one. Hope Shrek was fun!

VictoriaE said...

I have the pillowcase that goes with the top one!

Kylie said...

Oh like the sheets - I have the blue on in a purple - And I can not bring myself to cut it up. Am thinking of buying a purple fitted sheet and Amelia can have it one her bed come Summer.

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