Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of A Slack Tart

The last thing I did last night before I went to bed was let the water out of Parker's bath. I just could not be naffed scooping the multitude of bath toys out, so I left them to dance and bob around the plug hole. That's a pirate squeezed between 2 water balloons, he looks cute I think!

I can actually bend at the waste, but during the course of a day I just get really sick of picking things up, wiping things down and folding things up!


blackie said...

looks like an art installation! you could tell yourself that anyway if you're feeling bad about not cleaning up.

VictoriaE said...

Well that's fair enough. The only reason I have to pack up the bath toys is because my 2 year old thinks they'll go down the plug hole if we leave them there, and the distress is too hard to bear.

glorydaze said...

I never pick up the bath toys, a tidy bath would be too much of a contrast to our half tiled bahtroom walls, unfinished concrete floor, and big empty (waiting for fan to be installed) hole in the ceiling.