Monday, July 30, 2007

Same, but different

I've been trying to work out a Spring/Summer skirt, for toddlers and their kind, that is multi sizable, without doing just a standard elastic waist job. So I've made this up, and think I'm going to go with this style. It's reversible and ties up at the back (via a button hole in the side). I got the idea from those long Indian wrap-around skits that I do so covet at the Op-Shop.

As this is a sample, it will go to Miss P, who will probably not like it a bit at first, then after wearing it once will make it her favourite and best.


emma said...

that's lovely, I've been thinking about making myself a wrap around skirt to go over my ever-expanding tummy, and you've just solved my dilemma as to how to make it more wintery...line it, and that way it's reversible too and I don't have to wash it as often...brilliant, thanks!

Linda said...

Spooky...I found a wrap around at the OS. Your daughter is very well dressed.

MyCharlieGirl said...

Im IN LOVE with this piece....its SO FUNKY!!!! i have a few of my grandma's skirts that she used to wear, i love them soooooooooooo much!

Thanks heaps for your lovely comments :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

I know what you mean about a lot of hard work and swearing hehehehehe!!!!

All my love to you,


djbebe said...

Cute skirt - but how does a girl decide which side to wear?