Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Egg Rock, From Ingaland

I know this pebble looks much the same as all the other pebbles on the beach, But this one is the very personification of love. You see my Niece who is 4.5 years old picked this pebble up in a little fishing Village on the far north coast of England, and carried it all the way back to Sydney via Vienna and Bangkok, for her cousin, Parker who is 3.5. I can only imagine the negotiation that my sister would have had with her daughter, but my niece just knew that Parker would really love this rock and would have to have it, so heavy or not it came back with them, and although this 'egg rock from England' has no monetary value, it resembles all the things that we hold dear in our house - mainly that love is worth more than things, and people are far greater than objects and stuff. It's priceless, and I think I'll have to make a special box to house it, and write a little story to go in the box, so that it can be kept forever.


Linda said...

I did leave a comment on Elises blog but its is weird how my details came up on your computer??

VictoriaE said...

That's great, I love a good story like that and it WILL have to be kept forever now!

glorydaze said...

Oh that is so sweet. What a great story!