Monday, July 09, 2007

Scoop Da-loop at the Oppy

A fashion doll for Miss P that doesn't resemble a Hispanic prostitute on ice, 3 pinis to wear whilst sewing and swearing! And these shoes for me - brand new 70's - 'scuse the shiny photo, the leather doesn't shine like that in real life. Inside the shoes it says "KARAM Moon Shoes, Genuine Leather upper, crepe rubber soles, size 3 1/2" Oh I love them - I'm pretty sure that Bid D will not love these.


VictoriaE said...

I like that print with the big fruits. LOVE the old photos.

Morag said...

Hi Claire, thanks for your message on my blog. Do you have the best named blog or what?! I love it. Also loving your cool photos. Will be back to keep reading. Best of luck with your IVF (my husband and I are in IVF denial at present - we are on the injectables/clomid merry-go-round)