Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simple Pleasures ...

I've been making and wearing these little hair clips from buttons, so simple.
The fabric I found yesterday, love the grey and blue one, thinking a wrap skirt for me, love grey!
A finished 3 tier skirt for my little one, I'd forgotten how simple
these are to make,
I stopped making them, cause they were in
mass production at Target and Pumpkin Patch for a while,
but they seem to have moved on to copying and producing
other styles en mass these days!


Kirsty said...

I'm loving the grey & blue too - just lovely.

msaims said...

the grey and blue is very special. like old wall paper.

re: smacking comment.

thanks, i keep thinking where's the sisterhood? gosh. all children are little shits from time to time so the looks and comments are pretty lame at best, i don't like feeling judged either.

Mary Nanna said...

Great fabrics. Have serious fabric envy.

tam said...

Adore the buttons, love the fabric and skirt too! I am a hairdresser so the clips are very appealing to me for sure! Thank you for the great idea-I am going to have to whip some of those darlings up! That would make some great stocking stuffers!
~Tam :D

Anonymous said...

ya know.... When I was twelve I used to do that..way back when we actually HAD haberdashery stores and they were places of wonder. The buttons, I mean, yeah...

Bird Bath said...

the hair clips are very sweet..I like to get out the self-covering buttons and make some up every now and then - a very satisfying project. Those buttons are especially nice.
Great job on the skirt - you make it sound so easy :)