Friday, August 22, 2008

You Like Orange?

I likey the orange!
Some random orange-ness from around our house today, cold and wet day here in Sydney. Orange always cheers me up!

Pressing the 'locator' button on the phone, to try and find the handset, reminds me of playing 'hot and cold' when I was a kid.

I have to press this button lots, cause I wander around the house, as I talk, picking things up and putting them down, then I leave the phone in the last room I was in.
I am listening to you though Mum,
really I am!


Betty Jo said...

I saw these on flickr and Lurve the colours.
Coincidently I just did a post called "I heart Orange" So I know where your coming from.

handmaiden said...

Yes, I love orange and this has brightened up a cold day in melb

CurlyPops said...

oooh lovin' the marimekko print!

superminx said...

so... um, that one on the bottom left of your post - does it need batteries or is it rechargeable?

And I hear you about the phone... the naughty thing I do is continue reading blogs and email whilst on the phone and I never give it my full attention. So rude really - I must stop that!

knitting sprouts said...

love love love orange and have put a few up on my blog now too