Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Started Something

A little halter dress for a special little niece who is on the cusp of turning 4!
And, finished (faux) button-down skirt for same little girl,
vintage fabric and buttons, definitely channelling our Ethel on this one!
An op shop visit, HAVE to on Tuesday. My glasses match my tablecloth, is that like curtains matching carpet? Pre-shcool news: Little P has moved on from 'being a doggy' to pretending that she's dead. Her pre-school teacher tells me that she lays very still with her arms folded on her chest and her eyes closed, in the middle of the playground. Yesterday the teacher asked what she was doing, and she opened one eye and said "I'm dead, but I'm waiting for my Prince to come and kiss me so I can be alive again." Fairy tales good or bad? I don't want to read too much into this, I very much doubt she'll be waiting around for a Prince to come and make her alive when she's in her teens. She's just play-acting, having a good time with it all - so I'm not worried about her latest 'role' as dead princess in the playground, she'll move on to the next thing soon!


trashalou said...

Read nothing into it except a small child role-playing. I have two 4 y.o. I care for and on numerous occasions have listened to them playing'being dead' and discussing how to be dead properly. Apparently there is an art to it. They are regularly dead and then become not dead b/c one of them looks at the other in a 'not dead way'.

beccasauras said...

So funny, mine is also this age, and when she left her doll in the tan bark at the park, I asked her to pick it up, and was told she had eaten a poison apple and was dead. 'Dead' is regularly dropped into conversations, like ' why don't we jump around (to Hi-5) and then pretend we're dead?'. Freaky, I know. But her friend regularly pretends to give birth, very graphic and spookily realistic- don't know which is worst, do you?

katiecrackernuts said...

A nice op shop find. Vintage bling you say? Have you found any you like?

msaims said...

aiiii. we had a huge chat about the H-word. it seems to be sinking in.

i'm terrible saying 'bugger' all the time.

i've just been listening to my two boys play a game with lego where two kings who live in a castle are getting married and dancing on the table in a land called king-world.

wonder what disney would have to say about that?

blackie said...

Ha, cute. Let her play I say. Next week she might take on the prince role, you never know. Oh the joys of pretending. Today I might be...a goldfish.

Noice table cloth. I would love to get my scissors on to that one and make a bag.

Victoria said...

I'm sorry but "pretending she's dead" cracked me up!
Matching glasses and tablecloth, it's a good thing.

Bird Bath said...

She sounds like she's a very imaginative playful kid... really immerses herself in her play - how fantabulous!

ingrid said...

Ahhh Miss P is a hoot!

Dont you just love their imaginations at this age. Mister monsters latest is to tell me all about his other mum who is from Africa. Apparently she lives down the street and buys him lots of presents because he is such a good boy.

Drewzel said...

I'm loving the glasses and the tablecloth!

Little P will be kissing frogs next. C'est la vie.