Friday, August 01, 2008

Thanks Victoria

look what came in the mail! Two gorgeous prints via Victoria at Dear Meagan,
it was Victoria's Birthday, so she gave away a print of your choice,
and then sent an extra one - how extraordinary! I'm thrilled, we love them both!
Found this today, made me laugh, Parker doesn't play with dolls much,
all the Barbies in our house have been presents.
She looks comfy in her chamber I think!


superminx said...

Those prints are amazing. Are they printed on fabric? (also love the background fabric you have there... would like to see more!).

I think Parker has the right idea about how to use Barbie. I'd like to shove her head into dark smelly crevices too! (and I *like* playing with dolls) :-)

Victoria said...

Glad you liked them - I tried to match two up like a set!

Isn't it wonderful the things that Barbie can do?

Danielle said...

Those prints are gorgeous. Lucky you! And as for Barbie, is she colour co-ordinated at ALL times???

h+b said...

We used to put our Barbies in slippers too, but we used to pretend they were Sportscars, or bumper-cars, depending on the 'game' of play...