Monday, August 04, 2008


Redcar, North Yorkshire, Mum, Dad and Leah.

A year after this came Tim, then a year later a move to Africa and me.

I like this photo, my Mum is kind of smiling,
but she still looks like she's thinking 'Oh fuck, what have I done?'
The years that followed in Africa she looked more and more pissed off.

When Parker looked at the photo, she asked: 'Is that Harry Potter Mum?'

'No Parker, it's Granma' - does though hey?
Sorry Mum!


superminx said...

That's a great photo. The colours (esp. the flowers) are wonderful. Your dad is cuuuuute! Lucky lady, your mum. I hope she got over her annoyance :-)

Cosy said...

I think your mum and dad could be now! Both look very cool.

Victoria said...

I love the expression on your mum's face. It's a pretty rad photo with those flowers and the colors and all.
p.s. Thanks so much for the package, I got it today - LOVE it all!!

Cathy said...

1964 must have been a good year in Redcar - that's when my hubby was born too - he arrived at 'Saltburn-by-the-Sea! - though, I must say, your parents look way cooler than the way my in-laws did!!!

Leni and Rose said...

What an awesome photo! It's so lovely with all the flowers in the background as well! How funny about Parkers Harry Potte comment!!! Made me laugh!!

Sister Suffragette! said...

I just wandered over from Starashan to see what 'ethel loves fred' could be about! I LOVE I Love Lucy!
Anyway, what a lovely blog, you have such a wonderful eye for things and I am so jealous of those textiles you found- the tablecloth and the teatowel especially.

But- mostly i had to tell you what a huge laugh I have had over parker's comment here on your beautiful Mum. Oh now that's so hilarious! Great photo to have of your parents. I'd be interested in reading more of their adventures :) .

Drewzel said...

I love the expression on your dad's face!

By the way, I gave you a "happiness award" on my blog:

alexandra said...

What a cool photo!! Your Mum and Dad look ace. That photo is great.

h+b said...

Love that photo - it could have been taken yesterday, and your parents look very cool !

Poor 'mum' though and the Harry Potter reference .. :p