Friday, October 12, 2007

Swapping Stuff

I just fell in love with Jade's pincushions as soon as I saw them, and now I've got one - and as you can see, I've put some pins in already, I was tempted to colour code the pins - had to resist that urge! We had a little impromptu swap and I made her little one a dress for summer! Jade, I hope it fits her soon, they look pretty good with T's underneath if it doesn't fit till Autumn, and thanks for the extra goodies, I'm in the process of collecting trim, for Little P's quilt, I'm going to sew on all sorts of trim/dollies fabric etc, in a very ad-hoc, random sort of way - so that was timely!

Parker and I went visiting this morning, we went to a friends house for morning tea and a play, I was so inspired by her gorgeous, organised home that I came home and immediately started throwing away all the tatty bits of plastic that have bred in our house, if it's crap and or broken then over the next couple of weeks it's going in the bin - never to be seen from again! I'm in total defenestration mode, going to be ruthless!! I'm not sure how it all got here, and when it started to take over, Big D must be in hell, not only does Parker's stuff take over the floor and bench space, mine does too, I've got way too much fabric migrating into the dining room at the moment, the thing is though, I think if I can't see it, then I'll forget to use it! Ridiculous I know.


dizzyjadey said...

So glad you liked the package I put together! It was heaps of fun. :-)

Donna said...

These pin cushions are starting to take over my life - I can't stop makng them. It's a pin cushion I keep telling myself - how many do I need in my craft room???????

Cathy said...

lucky you - love the pincushion - I just love that shape.

don't worry my house is the same - except I have three bigger kids with bigger toys taking over the whole house.

Claire said...

Hope the decluttering goes well. I try to keep our place tidy but it is a constant task. Somedays I enjoy the repetition though. The little dress you made for Jade's daughter was very pretty.