Saturday, October 27, 2007

Flashback Friday - Favourite and Best Toy

This is me with my big sister, Leah, in South Africa taken in 1970. I am holding my little horn-blowy-thing that I took EVERYWHERE with me for AGES - even in the surf as you can see! I can't remember what eventually happened to this toy, but that's okay cause I'm able to leave the house without it these days!

Leah has her goggles on and is studying the bottom of the rockpool, this is funny because she later went on to do 1st class honours in Bio-chemistry, so she always had and enquiring mind. I didn't go on to win any ARIAS for playing trumpet needles to say, but hey, I still love light purple, one-piece, cozzies and going to the beach!


Anonymous said...

Lovely story Claire & those swimmers fit so well on you.

starashan said...

oh ya big spunk! Love the bathers and your trumpet ^^

Stomper Girl said...

I hope you hitch them up a bit higher these days.