Saturday, June 27, 2009

There was a young girl from Limerick ...

Look what I got from Andi at Superminx!
It's the cutest print and although you can't see it in the photo,
that's a map of Limerick in Ireland!
Parker and I were browsing Flickr the other night,
and she fell in love with this
picture, imagine her delight when it arrived,
addressed to her, in the post. Just gorgeous, thanks Andi,
you are a talented minx to be sure!
Yet more shelves for my Lady Cave!
I wouldn't dream of assaulting your senses with a before shot.
It's a work in progress, because, try as I might,
I am unable to stop myself buying vintage fabric.
Said fabric needs a house, as do the patterns and craft books.
I like to use galvanised steel shelves for this job,
because they can hold a fair bit of weight.
It's heavy stuff this habit of mine.

'Haus Frau' sitting on top of the shelves,
looking rather pleased with herself! I still get a kick out of thinking of her hanging
in Fed Square in Melbourne, last year in a 'proper'


beccasauras said...

Great looking shelves, i'll beleive it always looked this good! I too have that vintage fabric addiction- I think blogging has only made it worse!! And patterns and craft books, I could never in my lifetime use them all- maybe I should change that, and say I will and try to! They make me so happy.

Veronica Darling... said...

Oh! I must have seen Haus Frau as my two darling besties both had dollies adorning the glass at Fed Square! Yippee!

Your room looks spunky!

Jacqui said...

LOL - at least you can sew! I don't know why my stash keeps getting addicted to fabric atm. Will be having a giveaway soon - going to raid the vintage tablecloths - stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

lady cave (laugh).

superminx said...

My desk/creative space has been getting an overhaul too which I'll post about soon on my blog. Yours looks great. I can see you've got an embroidery hoop picture that matches Hausfrau's skirt. Did she used to have a cigarette or am I imagining that?

I need some of those shelves for my 70s craft book collection... I can't stop myself buying them even though i never make a thing from them!

Sayraphim said...

Ohh! I love seeing the dolls out in the real world... The doll aquarium was beautiful, but I love seeing them in their homes too :)