Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Shakedown 1994

I'm having a bit of a defenestration, and I happened upon an appointment diary from 1994.
I was working as a temp, doing admin stuff, disliked it, immensely, it paid the rent.
I worked at (amongst others):
Tracey, Brumpton & Hammond Ethnic Affiars Commission
Carlson's Marketing
Coopers and Lybrand
I went to watch, and listen to (amongst others):
Died Pretty (Vic on the Park)
Louis Tillett (The Sando)
The Verys (The Vulcan)
Charlie Owen (The Annandale)
Bug (The Annandale)
1994 Big Day Out:
The Breeders - massive highlight of the year!
You Am I
Cruel Sea
Sound Garden
Smashing Pumpkins
I went to see (amongst others):
Blue Murder at the Belvoir St Theatre
Ate at (amongst others):
The Razor's Edge (Enmore)
North Indian Diner (Newtown)
Happy Chef (Newtown)
Sumali Thai (Newtown)
Betty's Soup Kitchen (Darlinghurst)
Sloan Rangers (Darlinghurst)
Lolita's (Glebe)

A funny snippet of my life, a reminder that I DID go out once - because last night it was pre-school music night, had a great time, not sure if it was as much fun as Big Day Out in 94, just a different kind of fun! It did make me realise just how long it's been since I went to see some live music, must rectify that (if I can handle the noise that is!!)


Amanda said...

:p arghh you got to see smashing pumpkins before they broke up and got back together and broke up and got new members etc etc etc *green with envy* they were my fav band but being only 12 at the time - wasn't aloud to go to anything remotely 'live' - so jealous

jodi said...

how funny! I stumbled uopn my highschool box of diaries and letters and my mum's recently. Slight unnerving to read my thoughts back then!

Linda said...

I used to see Died Petty at the Trade Union Club. Great band and good times.

Bec said...

love the diary -too cute!!

I love going to the Belvior!

Drewzel said...

Y'know I also had the same diary for 1994...winnie the pooh, I liked the way it had a blank page for scribbling on facing each week.

Loz and Dinny said...

God I loved that Big Day Out - but I was at the WA one - Good times at South Frematle Oval! Smashing Pumpkins were so fine - God we did have different lives before blocks, farmyard animals and nappies, right????

Anonymous said...

i went to that big day out- it was awesome - bjork was stunning and the cruel sea -hot hot hot....and ofcourse the pumpkins-amazing -yes those were the days - cant even remember the last band i saw!

Rach said...

Oh yes, the days of live music and late nights out and being really naughty! We are so excited because we are planning a night out without the child. Yippie. Its next October though so a little while to wait...

Lauren said...

I'm so jealous you saw Soundgarden! Love your blog

h&b said...

ha ha - what a great post - it was a different time, wasn't it ?