Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Rewind - 1970

Back when Elvis was still eating peanut butter & jelly sambos, shooting teles, and watching girls wrestling in their undies. (Now there's a guy who knew how to use money and fame!)

Back before minimalist interiors invaded the scene, this is how Australians aspired to decorate their houses.

I love this book, hours of fun have been spent pouring through these pages!


msaims said...

I've got 'the Australian kitchen' by the same author c1979. what a difference 9 years makes... cork floors, laminate and the good ol' diagonal stripe blind. sexy.

CurlyPops said...

I want that pink's just amazing!

Betty Jo said...

Is it wrong of me to want this as my house? I've already got the orange domed lightshade, but I think I need the floral wall paper to go with.
Love your doilified skirt by the way!

Victoria said...

I have this book too. Isn't it wonderful?! It's full of inspiration. I love the kids rooms and all the orange. So much orange.