Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thrifty Tuesday

Or, 'Tight-Arse-Tuesday' as it's known in the trade!
Suits me sir!

1. Vintage tablecloth that has never been used or even washed (close up panel below)

2. Tea towel made in Romania
3. Almost 2 meters vintage orange/blue floral, think this is vintage Japanese

Happy Days!!

And a sneaky peak at my bedise table at the moment.

What you can see in this photo: 'Party for One' print by the amazing Ashley G Kosta Boda 'Fiji' Vase 60's red glass bowl 2 small West German pots 2 little spinning top Babushka's Teak bird Vintage embroidered Dollie bowl of bling Books: Hundertwasser, Pucci (bound in Pucci Fabric) book on Scandinavian Design

What you can't see: Un-made bed, strewn with the clothes that didn't make the cut this morning. It's hard to figure out what to wear when it's this cold.

So what's on your bedside table? I'd love a peak!


Victoria said...

Nice finds, I really like the tablecloth and LOVE the teatowel. I appreciate your bedside table arrangement too, it's so great and there's soemthing "Australian" about it too, not sure why, it just looks aussie to me, even though the items are from everywhere.

CurlyPops said...

I love that tablecloth...that is soooo groovy! THere's no way I'm showing my bedside table...way too messy, tv remotes, chocolate, moisturiser, lip eze, nail clippers...should I go on!

Cass said...

Nice finds. My bedside table only has the phone on it underneath is stacked with books

Sherrin said...

whata great post- lots of lovely eye candy! I love your bedside table. Great things to look at. Looks like you have a lovely homey home.

Ellie said...

You must be channeling me I actually took a photo of my bedside table last week to blog but never got round to it.


p.s Dont panic I am not a crazy stalker lady.

p.p.s well maybe a little crazy but not in a stalkerish way.

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG what a wonderful score!! I am LOVING the tea towel and I am REALLY loving the tablecloth and the fabric looks fab! lucky girl :)

Donna said...

Beautiful finds!

On my bedside table is a lamp, a clock, some books and a lot of dust haha. Maybe an empty water glass. With a messy husband and two girls who still seem to think my room is their's, I've given up on any sort of decorating right now. My sewing room is where I can be creative 8-)

glorydaze said...

So nice. Hmm I might give that a go, my room is very dark though so not making any promises.

katiecrackernuts said...

I like that bedside table. My table is a chair and it's piled with books and mags and an alarm clock and that's it. I knock things from the chairs every time I make the bed. It's a pretty tight fit, but I have seen a table at the op shop I'd like.

Cosy said...

Aahhhhmmmmm, aprons! I just noticed your blog header (sorry if it's not that new)... maybe I need a new header.

What terrific thrifty finds you have with the tablecloths. Love, love, love them!

If you're anything like me (re bedside table photos) I push the junk out of the way for every photo I take. Unfortunately, my bedside table is the window-sill!

Carolyn x

Kirsty said...

I really love that print!