Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Mit pattern sheet! All in German, beautiful kids clothes, so typically 'Burda' -
but ouch, the pattern sheet looks like torture -
some of the clothes in this just have to made again,
and it can't be any harder than 'Top kids' rioght? Um ..... I'll let you know!


Amanda said...

well it doesnt help things if it is all in german :p oh and of course i tried tried heaps of the photofunia, i couldnt help it, luckily the boss wasnt in ;) btw take a look at what i just finished for kat.

katiecrackernuts said...

You can kinda see these kids as adults. I am never sure whether that's a good thing. Can you see it? Burda. Yeap. Hard.

Surfing Free said...

When I was a pre-teen I used to think Burda magazines were the HIGHT of style :) Ha ha! But I could never convince my Mum to sew anything from them because of the complicated patterns, and retracing, and faffing around. These kids look pleased with themselves ... probably because the finally got their Mum to sew them something from Burda!!! ;)

BTW - what part of Sydney are you in - North, South, East or West?? Because you seem to have some great op shops near you. I'm north shore and can't find groovy stuff in my local.