Thursday, July 10, 2008

Red and Purple

I made this reversible, wrap skirt for Little P's Gym Teacher's wee girl. My way of saying 'thanks! She runs a great out-of-school Gymnastics Camp, and Parker had a great time there today, She's the sweetest girl around for doing this in the school hols, all the kids just love her to bits, and I'd be pulling my hair out today if it weren't for Gym Camp!!


superminx said...

yay for gym camp and other people looking after your children so you can do stuff. My mum used to make me wrap skirts when I was a kid... but I wasn't a skirt kind of girl, sadly. It was probably because mine was plain yellow and not purple and red. Adorable!

alexandra said...

That little skirt is big on style. Super cute. And ace for Gym Camp!