Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Op Shop Tuesday

Some vintage cards, these are great cause they fold out, so you can write a long letter, how old fashioned! AND a Poole marrow plate, I LOVE Poole Pottery, it has such a lush look and feel to it, I knew before I flipped this over what is was, and was so excited when I saw the little Dolphin on the base! A small haul, but satisfied.

I'm not feeling very 'Christamssy' yet - the trees up, presents are all pretty much done, just my own child to go, always the way - but I'm not too worried about the department stores selling out of everything, she wants a talking Lola doll which we saw in a small shop in Balmain. I'm feeling pleased with myself this year, no plastic 'made in China' stuff at all, it's liberating not to be on that particular band wagon. Nice to know that no humans have been harmed during the making of our Christmas!


Cherryskin said...

Love the cards! Wanted to say thank you for your kind comment on my "sucky motherhood" post. I've been recuperating along with lil' MissC, so have been a bit AWOL. She's all better now (although has gone back to waking 3-hourly overnight!).
I also just read your IVF post. I wanted to wish you all the best, and hope that whatever path you're on brings you to a delightful place.
My MissM turns four tomorrow -- she was due on Dec 6th 2003 -- her and Little P are very close in age!

starashan said...

oh, I love those cards! :o) and the dish looks great too :o)

I know what you mean about Christmas, too. It just doesn't feel like Christmas... we have the tree and all that stuff too, but...

ingrid said...

Ohhhh beautiful cards! I love the old fold out style, it is just what is needed for some letter writing motivation.