Saturday, April 24, 2010

Embroidery - Love.

Images from 'Golden Hands Book of Embroidery' 1972. I particularly like the Gothic house design,
oh and the dog, I love the dog. I had a dog just like this one
in 1990something, she was adorable, Sophie, a kelpie cross.

I'm back into my sewing - mojo is back, and loving it!

Sometimes it's good to step back from something.
I'm enjoying it with the same gusto that I started with.
I've been reading through old sewing books,
going through my fabric, and formulating ideas.
I am still very committed to hand-made,
in fact I think it's more important than ever,
we all need to think about where, and under what conditions
our garments are made.

Crafty pics to follow soon.


beccasauras said...

Oooh, they'd look great on bags!

sean the prawn said...

I discovered a couple of old embroidery mags at the local Trash & Treasure...similar groovy.

Miranda @ Howdy Stranger said...

haha... what is it with 60's-70's magazines and photographing crafts with dogs.... we found an old 70's celebrity book with all semi naked movie hunks posing with dogs in a op-shop once... it was the most hysterical and slightly weird book ever!

superminx said...

That's a cute dog, and I'm sure you know I love those old Golden Hands books. I'm glad you've got your mojo back - I have completely lost mine at the moment - my muse has left me.

the textured leaf said...

Love that book, especially the houses, hmmm.
In a weird way id kind of like a peek at Mirandas book (hoping she bought it). Ive lost my mojo too!

Rachel said...

Gorgeous patterns: love those old 60s/70s craft mags and publications.
Mum & I scored a heap of the Large McCalls Craft/Needlework 60s and 70s mags from an opshop a few years ago: so delightful to pore through them and look at the craft.