Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stuff lately

Little P and I made this dream catcher last month, I shared it of FB, but forgot to blog it.
Very easy to make, she felt she needed something to ensure she would have a great day,
and wholeheartedly believes this turns her bad dreams into good.
Market stalling, I sold these boots, my fave 70's knee-highs, the heel was just
way too high for me these days!
Harmony Day at school, red and orange.
I made this skirt with some lovely vintage
cotton. As we were approaching school, for the first time ever, Little P said she
felt nervous wearing a 'Mum Made' skirt, I knew it was coming.
Peer pressure, it's a bitch right?
(She was really happy though once she got some compliments, and some of
the Mum's asked if I could make them one)!
Celebrating our ginger cat 'Bupka' she's 14 years old this year.


Drewzel said...

Luv ya, that's all i wanted to say xx

Jacqui said...

Look at you two lovelies!! I mean three (sorry fur person). Aw nice to see your smiley faces. The dream catcher is great but can't keep my eyes off the board behind it - love it! I just made one and I'm a bit meh about it. Think I'll try something a bit more spunky like you've done. Have a great week!

Kombi Kronicles said...

I love that shot of you Claire

Anonymous said...

i love the boots AND that dress! Little P's skirt is gorgeous and hopefully all the compliments were enough to keep her on board for a few more years (atleast!)
dream catcher is a cool idea.

clare's craftroom said...

Oh yes peer pressure ! Happy Birthday Bupka , what a cutie .

Rach said...

Arr the boots! I can't wear any thing higher then a birkenstock these days!

I love the photo of you and your P and the cat - very sweet.