Monday, May 03, 2010

Looking back ... with a smile.

Photo of my Little P, taken when she was 2 years old.
I've been looking back with fond memories,
so much can happen in 4 years ...
People flit in and out of your life, the good ones stay, hopefully.
little P herself has mastered a language,
learnt to read, and to nurture friends.
She can dress herself, wash her own hair
and read quietly on her own.
She understands the word 'no' and accepts
reasons why 'no'.
It is an honour to be her Mum,
and I'm proud of her on a daily basis.

The artwork in this picture has recently formed
the background to a shoe box for a school
project. Each child in the class has their own
special 'memory box' to be filled throughout the term.
Then all the boxes will be on display
for the parents to see. It's going to be great to see
all the other boxes, and to marvel at her own
special treasure box. I love this idea,
and will keep the box 'as is' for the future.

1 comment:

the textured leaf said...

Oh wow! Am almost in tears over here. What a lovely endearing post about your daughter.

Thanks for your thoughts on my craft project. Still no about you?

P.S Dont mind me im feeling a bit delicate lately.