Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A windy, orange kind of day

The view from our back door, at 7am this morning.
Sydneysiders awoke to a bright orange
sunrise this morning.
A massive, dust storm has blown in.
At 9am, I hosed my car off,
foolish, just made the red dust stick harder.
What do I know about dust settling?
I'm a city girl!


Cindy said...

That picture is amazing!

Jacqui said...

reminded me of when I was 15 and waiting for the bus home after school - the whole sky was red like this, a massive dust storm. It's really windy up here and as I was walking home, I noticed lots of things on the pavement and stopped. They were snails - all blown off the grass and rolling around on the footpath - the whole way home! weird!! shame the girls weren't with me..

Jodie said...

Claire, that is such an eerie photo !!!

clare's craftroom said...

Great photo ! I saw the dust on the news , amazing !

Anonymous said...

yes it was wild, wasn't it?

Fine red dust everywhere... wonderful shot though.

Katy said...

Love your little trolley full of very funky, retro kitchen items!