Saturday, September 26, 2009

Inside and Out

A corner of our dining room.
It's, um 'busy' I know.
I'm often found trawling and drooling through
interior design blogs and magazines, I'm no stylist,
so I'm not showing you this because I think it looks
'stylin'! It's just our space.
Now, when I'm trawling and drooling, I often
wonder where the speakers, cables and scales are?
Hidden away in smart-storage I imagine.
This is a halter dress I made for little P.
Vintage cotton, paisley print.
Accessories are model's own!
(yes, it's a piece of rope as a necklace)


victoria said...

I LOVE it. You have some very excellent collections. Love that it's both busy and stylish.

Julie said...

What a wonderful and bright corner. It was fun squinting at the screen trying to look at the details of individual pieces. Beautiful dress. My sister love Paisley print so much she named her daughter after it - now I have a real soft spot for it - esp the beautiful vintage cottons. Thankyou so much for the award, it is warmly appreciated. I also enjoy your place very much and always feel more inspired from my visit. Hope those blue skies are back:)

Jo said...

I love the 'busy' look. What a wonderful collection of things that make you smile.

Jacqui said...

the rope necklace reminds me of my friend's little girl visiting one day with a light switch on a bit of string around her neck. God it made me laugh - she just liked clicking it on and off and was proud as punch of that accessory! Also love having a peek at your corner - there's a few things there that would be just lovely for me thank you very much - esp. the corner of the tablecloth. I haven't had time for snooping the design sites lately but I share the obsession. Hope you have fun in Melbourne!

Corrie said...

cute halter and a girl has gotta accessorise!!!!!!!!! my little miss finds anything and everything to complete an outfit but now she wants the good stuff of mine and I have to let her borrow it for about 10 minutes then its off and back on me for safe keeping!


curtain fabrics said...

I love the dress that you made for little P. She looks more beautiful of that dress.

Rach said...

A little inside information for you - the power cords, plugs and speaker cables (etc) are photo-shopped out of the pictures in the mags or just avoided during the photo shoot...

Love that little corner!