Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spring in the City

We caught the ferry into the city and wandered around the MCA.
Then we had a picnic lunch, at Observatory Hill,
the sun is shining once more, this fills me with anticipation,
anything is possible again!
Little P has had a hair cut, a shoulder length bob.
She nagged and nagged, I'm a sucker for pony-tails,
but now that it's gone, I do really like it, and so easy to brush now.
Here's to sunny days, long flowing skirts, and ice-creams!
I hope it's sunny in your part of the world!


Blossomnbird said...

Hello :)
Amazing how spring just appears all of a sudden! I'm shopping for swimmers already!
...Your daughters bob is sweet. My girl(Ruby) wanted hers cut into a bob about the same age as your does make things so much easier :) And it looks lovely!

ingrid said...

I love a day in the city and you did lots of my favourite things.
I am glad you are out enjoying the lovely weather.

CurlyPops said...

What lovely photos - I'm so looking forward to the onset of Spring!

Rach said...

Yippie for spring! Can you believe how warm it was today? Just wonderful.

And Miss P looks fab with the new 'do - so much easier to brush every day.

Linda said...

Im over jeans and boots and jackets. Bring on the flowy dresses for sure.

Kristy said...

First time on here - Love P's hair cut!
Maybe Ii'll start a blog - if I can fit it in with uni!
Can't wait to see Sydney summer I'm longing for it!
Kristy xo

knitting sprouts said...

i just spent the weekend in sydney and it was devine weather. we sat in the garden and drank tea for hours.

knitting sprouts said...
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Tania said...

By crikey - it's positively summer in your parts!