Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A skirt for Me!

Feeling inspired on the skirt front. I made this one for me
with the vintage fabric I showed off last week.
It's a fantastic weight, denim like.
I'm planning a pinafore and a couple
more skirts before Spring, you know,
all going well, time permitting!
And, just cause my little Kindy-girl doesn't like to
miss out on a photo, here's one of the two of us!


dorothybills said...

Love the skirt, looks great with shoes and necklace, very stylish well done!!

Veronica said...

LOVE IT. Did you say vintage fabric, that you found?


Anonymous said...

love the skirt it's looks great on and is fabulous fabric I love all the other fabrics you scored with it too great haul!!!

--ginger. said...

THE cutest skirt ever. So darling.