Monday, August 24, 2009

In the Hall Way

Giving you a squiz at the hallway at the moment ... cherry blossom in Israeli 60's vase. 'Green Woman' by Simon Bates, bought in Byron Bay.

The picture above is my favourite, 'The Memory Maker' painted by my sister, and given to me for my birthday back in April.
I'm madly working away on my work for Omnific Assmebly show in September, funnily enough, the theme is memory, an exploration of memory, the void that's left when memory fades.
I'm doing a soft sculpture, quite small, smaller than the scale I usually work to. I'm nearly finished, just some placement stuff, and final stitchery. Pictures to follow on completion.


dorothybills said...

The sculpture sounds really interesting look forward to seeing pic's of it!
Your hallway looks lovely, love that vase! Eleesa

Sherrin said...

Lovely images, Claire. Your hallways looks like a nice place to have a looksie! Your sister is very tanted... but I'm sure you now that already. :o)

Looking forwrd to seeing your sculpture.

Julie said...

Ahh beautiful blossoms. Israeli vases have escaped my radar. I am a fan of made in Japan ones but have not come across these - stunning. I love a welcoming hallway with lots to look at. Will have to check back to see how your show is going.

Rach said...

Oh, lovely! I love having a little peek into your hallway!

And looking forward to seeing your sculpture, you clever thing!


Kombi Kronicles said...

That smokey vase next to the Israeli one...did you steal that from my mother back in 1985?

victoria said...

I want that vase!!
Very much looking forward to seeing your soft sculpture.