Thursday, January 08, 2009

Woman's Weekly 1967

Like a gate?
I wonder if this apron is from the same household as
The woman's Weekly, found today at the Oppy?
I like to think it is.
I've got way too much time on my hands to
rummage through the oppy at the mo.
I'm not exactly putting enormous red crosses through
the calendar, but how many weeks till school starts?
P and I made some Peanut butter and honey cookies today,
I'm calling them cookies 'cause the book I used is
vintage American, the makers, in my opinion,
of the best cookies on the planet!!
About to hit the sewing machine, but feeling a bit bereft
inspiration wise, I've been thinking up
projects, then when I go to make them up,
I can't make my mind up about which fabric
to use, and end up making nothing instead.
So, here's hoping my trip to the
craft room yields something - ANYTHING!


tam said...

Hi Claire!
Oh how I love old magazines!Especially from the 60's and 70's!
The sweaters those gals are wearing would totally be in style today! And diggin on the sack cloth apron! I am in the middle o sewing up some vintage style aprons-kid size. I can relate to your problem trying to decide on fabric. I think it is kind of like writers block. Good luck with that-I know you will be on track pretty quick!~Tam :D

Sayraphim said...

I love your vintage finds! Your local op shops must be full of goodness! Down here they're getting harder and harder to find. I love when I stumble across the Old Lady Op Shops, where everything is 50c and there's so much vintage and retro stuff stacked on shelves. I hold no truck with the newer op shops which take themselves so seriously and everything's over $10.

ahems. So I'll step back off my soapbox and slink away again...

Anonymous said...

I'll say!

I must be going to the wrong places, cuz I haVE TO DRIVE 200 kms north to get booty this good.

CurlyPops said...

I've been to various op shops at least 5 times this week (and I'm supposed to be de-cluttering)! If you don't go then you might miss something really good, like that apron!
Can't wait to see what emerges from the craft room.

Bec from honi said...

gresat finds!! That would be VERY spooky if we shopped at the same oppy!!

knitting sprouts said...

what a great mag - I love those old knitting patterns and those gravity defying bras.

Victoria said...

Very very nice fabric on the apron.
The school hoildays are somewhat ... long.......

tam said...

Hey girl I have a special award for you on my blog-come on over and pick it up!
~Tam :D

beccasauras said...

Hmm, yes, I am also counting down the days till school starts, I have a smart-ass 5 yr old going on 25, who is yelling at me! What is this about? Thank God for day care, i'd probably bake mine into the cookies haha. Storng willed assertive girls are great, but aren't they tiring?
Great pics of the bed by the way, so similar to mine, think i'll get some for my bed, nice!

zose said...

biscuits, bitch, biscuits.
i don't give a shit how yer cook book is :P