Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skirts and Clutter

I bought this 3 tier teak shelf thingy on wheels from the oppy a few weeks back,
so that I could display some of my vintage kitchen goodies, this is a pic of the middle tier.
I keep walking past and thinking that I've left the cupboard door open!
Last summer skirt for Little P, to accommodate her growth spurt!
In 2 days time she'll be wearing a uniform 5 days a week!
I'm excited for her, but not getting her too
hyped about it, just keeping a very calm exterior.
I have discovered, with Birthday and Christmas,
it's not such a good idea to get them too
excited, she tends to almost explode with excitement,
and I'd like her to be relatively calm about starting school.
I have my own fear and angst about it.
What will they make of my Little P?
She has a curious mind, and a raucous sense of humour,
lets hope it they both remain with her
for the duration of her schooling.


CurlyPops said...

Good luck for the first day nerves.
I have the same orange and blue pyrex mixing bowls that are on your shelf!

katiecrackernuts said...

Oh that time seems so far away. We moved town about six years ago and all that angst was about as one teen started at a new school and two at primary school. One starts her final year this year and two into their second year of uni. Ai yi yi.

superminx said...

That skirt is adorable. I love the fabrics. Oh, I wish I had a girl :-( Only thing I get to sew for my boys is library bags (speaking of school). One in Pokemon fabric and the other in Army fabric... *sigh*

Cass said...

I love the skirt, going to school definitely stalls the sewing for them. I'm sure your little one will have a great time at school, mine is a big Year 1 girl now as she loves telling me and could hardly sleep last night anticipating the first day today.

beccasauras said...

OOh, it's exciting but nerve wracking isn't it? Mine starts on Tuesday, her last day of day care today! I also have my fears, not enjoying scholl much, and remembering lots of bullying. So much I can't even say hi to people through Facebook! But our strong, confident girls may show us up! Can't wait to hear how it went. Have fun, Parker!

Loz and Dinny said...

Beautiful skirt ... and hey I have those black bowls too ... wedding pressie, I believe. Good luck with the first day at school ... think a mid-morning to calm your nerves might be in order...

potty mouth mama said...

I really love that skirt - I'd love to see shots of Miss P in it - so sweet. And really love your vintage treasure. Gorgeous.

tam said...

Awww good luck to you and little P! Brings back some sweet memories for me*sob* Those were such fun times! That skirt is so darn cute-lovin the sunny fabric!!! ~Smiles~Tam!