Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busting with pride!

Little P started school on Friday - K1 (Prep for those interstate readers).
Milestones pass so quickly, I was a bit teary the night before.
The last 5 years flashed before me,
all that wondering 'what will she be like when she's bigger?'
Also some 'mother guilt'
Did I cherish our days together enough?
Even those days when she was 3 and 4 driving me crazy?!
Yeah, I did, they are cherished, and now onto new days
School days ......
And.... just before her ear really kicks in, and these are corrected.... some 'Parkerisms':

Clubster - Lobster
Pink Fancer - Pink Panther
Sucoon - Kazoo
Yokey - Gaotie (her dad sports a yokey from time to time)!
Micro Brains - Nutri Grain


trashalou said...

so grown-up and looking so excited!

CK and I still use some of the words the childer invented loooong after they have forgotten them.

Anonymous said...

I love the words they make up, we wish we wrote a lot down because you forget but there are some we still use just like Trashalou!! Hope that first day went well for little Parker (and you)

Kirsty said...

Super cute preppie you have there Claire. Glad it started so smoothly.

Miss Muggins said...

Looks like you did a good job keeping her calm - but how did you fare? It is an exciting time, but you may find yourself calling for her, or feeling like you've forgotten to do something! Don't worry it soon passes!

beccasauras said...

Gorgeous post, how exciting, I'm counting down to Tuesday too!

Isn't is scary how big their school bags are/seem? If they filled them, they would fall over, I'm sure!

potty mouth mama said...

So so so cute, she looks so darn excited. Love the shot of you two together!!

Ellie said...

Super cute. This was us last year with a school bag so big you would swear they could fit inside.

Anonymous said...

She looks so proud.

Leni and Rose said...

Oh doesn't she look excited!!! Glad her first day went well and no wonder you're busting with pride - she's such a little cutie!!!

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh what a lovely post!
A few of my friends children are entering prep this year too and they are having the same thoughts.
The kids are just beside them selves with excitement!
I hope she had the best day!

emma said...

Congrats on sending off your darling to school.
My big little darling started High School this morning and I am stifling the urge to drive down and try to spy on him. Pick up is at 3.10 so I'll just have to wait.

Victoria said...

It's HUGE, that first day of school.. She looks so proud and happy.
LOVELOVE LOVE the skirt - impressed. I would buy it.

Bird Bath said...

oh she looks super happy to be starting her school day adventure! so cute.
time sure does pass quickly - one of mine started highschool last week :0

knitting sprouts said...

snap! I have been so weepy it is ridiculous. You want them to grow up - and you want them to stay small and not have to go out into the world - do you think that?

Cathy said...

so glad it went well. She looks very cute in her uniform -