Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

A little sojourn to the South Coast was in order after all the hoo-ha that goes with Christmas.
We needed to recharge the batteries and un-wind a bit. Kind of relieved it's all over.
I love Christmas, but am not so keen on all the commercial crap and hype that goes with it. We did eat and drink merrily - the best thing about the whole day I reckon!
I didn't really do the whole op-shopping thing whilst down the coast, but did pop into a Salvos Store in Kiama, which yielded some beautiful embroidery.
And so .... bye-bye 08 - Bring on 09!!


cindy said...

Happy and creative new year!

CurlyPops said...

Happy New Year Claire. Beautiful shots!

Rach said...

Happy New Year to you! x

Victoria said...

Happy New Year!!
I liked the bit after Christmas day and before new years eve the best. Although none of our opshops have been open during that time.

Camera Girl said...

I love the embroidery! That last photo is very creative and cute!

beccasauras said...

Great pics too! I grew up in Sydney, so have a few people to visit, staying in Newcastle the first night, then Alexandria, then Narellan, then Campsie, then a few nights in the city. A zoo trip definately, and hopefully some oppies- am leaving with a full suitcase of clothes for my friends girls, so will have an empty one to bring home. Yikes!

Bird Bath said...

Happy New Year to you!
what a cute lighthouse photo :)