Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thrifty Tuesday

Pyrex bowl, hand embroidered table cloth, amazing work, and lovely colours.
Irish Linen tea towel.
There's nothing like a bunny in a tuxedo tossing salad to lift the spirits.

I can't believe I passed up a vintage Thredbo souvenir tea towel at the Oppy today, because it was $4.00 instead of the usual $2.00. I'll go have a look tomorrow and see if it's still there. What are the odds?

Ever since Victoria showed her vintage caravan, I've been dreaming of getting one. It's not so much the sea-side holidays, it's making the curtains, putting down vintage lino, playing with the old gas stoves tops, that sort of thing. Then there's the idea of just going away, where ever, when ever.

*sigh* we don't have anywhere to put one though, so for the moment, I'll be living vicariously, and holidaying along with Victoria and co!


CurlyPops said...

I have that exact same bowl and I love it!

Kirsty said...

You've been so lucky at the Oppy lately. Great finds.

I'd kill for a vintage caravan too.

ingrid said...

OH MY GOD! I have two of those bowls in the red/orange colourway and have been searching in vain for the third bowl to complete the set. I had no idea there was a blue colour series as well! You do realise you have added years to my search for the perfect pyrex collection, dont you?

knitting sprouts said...

those vintage caravans are magic aren't they? have you seen the old ply ones that fold up - sensational!

Victoria said...

How funny is the teatowel!!
I do stuff like that, passing up something I really like just coz it's TWO DOLLARS too dear - then regret it - it's crazy.
I took some photos of inside of caravan this week - planning on getting organised and putting them on my blog tonight or tomorrow!
Feel free to come holidaying at mt beauty caravan park anytime!!!

blackie said...

what went on in the brain of the person who designed that tea towel?? weird! caravans, caravans, caravans, can't stop thinking about them either.