Saturday, September 20, 2008

2 Wrongs Don't Make A Right

When sewing attacks!
I Just turned my machine off ... and walked away very slowly!
This looked great in my head, I love a bit of blue/red and white!!
it was going to be a pinafore, it looked awful, and frumpy - the combination just didn't work! So, to try and selvage something, I turned the bottom into a skirt, which I don't like either!
Not a great day in the sewing room.


msaims said...

bummer! the other day my old staple lemon-poppy seed cake decided to eff up. what did i do wrong? it was a brick i tell you!!!

Ellie said...

Bugger that red daisy fabric is gorgeous. What about a round neck top or dress? Those two combos looks like they would go well together.

Jodie said...

That is the worst feeling . Commiserations my dear!

fiona said...

ahh crap, time for a cuppa or maybe something stronger?

Cosy said...

Maybe if you come back to it later, it may look different to you? That's what I ususally tell myself. Also why I have a large pile of UFOs!

shea said...

Hi great blog you have. hmm. i can relate. just this evening I slid my machine to one side very, very slowly before it went through the window.

ada sunday said...

I haven't been back to the machine for a while since a similar experience. best to get back on that bike.

Cherryskin said...

Ooh, I love blue-red-white, too. The fabric is awesome.... maybe it needs to be broken up with some plain white? Maybe a wide panel along the hem? Just thinking out "loud".

Today I traced out a dress for MissM, then proceeded to cut it out along the sewing line rather than the seam allowance line. Grrrrr. I think I can save it, as I only cut about 10 cm along the hem, but I am still annoyed.

zose said...

is it the colours and patterns, or the shapes of the garments?

just remember the golden rule
*everything* goes better with ric rak.
i think green, yellow and orange stripes round the hem would de-Yank-ify the colours and flip it back to HR Puff N Stuff land :P