Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can Smile About it Now, But at The Time it Was Terrible ...

I've been tagged by Knitting Sprouts for the 7 random facts, I've done this a few times now, so there's at least 21 random facts within my blog already. I do like doing it though, so here they are, for this month:
1) I went to school in 3 different countries: Zimbabwe, England and Australia. There is NO comparison between ANY of them. I can honestly say though, that Zimbabwe had the most bizarre teachers! I had one teacher who would stand me next to her desk, to mark my work. A wrong answer would prompt her to pinch the side of my thigh! Kinky.
2) When I was 16 I wrote my only ever fan letter to Morrissey from 'The Smiths', declaring my undying love and pleading him to come and tour. They never did, perhaps another letter is in order ... 'Hi, me again ... still love you, um, when are you coming?'
3) Just lately, I've been wishing I was 16 again!
4) I'm the daughter of an alcoholic farther. That's quite cathartic saying that aloud! I was smacked for telling a neighbour in England that: 'My Dad's a raving alcoholic' I'd overheard my Mother talking, and actually thought it was something worth bragging about!
5) I was a vegetarian for 8 years. I still don't like handling meat. And lamb? Nope, I just see the cute little lambies so familiar in nursery rhymes. I struggle with lamb, and WONT do veal EVER. (note to self: remind Mozza that 'Meat is Murder').
6) I've been living in a perpetual state of cluckiness since I was about 28!
7) I love shoes - a lot.
There, not so hard really - think you all know about the shoe love, but you know, it's tough coming up with 7 on the spot! I'm piking on tagging 7 people for now.
Scanner arrangement by Parker.


trashalou said...

I hear you on the cluckiness. I was 25 when my ovaries went ping! even now over a decade and two babies later they get a bit tingly sometimes ;-)

knitting sprouts said...

hey thanks for taking up the tag - and I am totally with you on the shoes.

Linda said...

Both my parents were alchoholics- yes Im screwed (ha ha)
Ditto with the meat Nevah evah eat veal - poor little things

elise said...

oh my... I was so in love with Morrissy (never wrote to him though) and I always wished if only I could only find a boyfriend just like him... creative, sensitive, well-read, fashionable... everything would be alright!