Monday, March 03, 2008

This is ...

My inspiration-board. Thanks to Pip for a great theme this week, I love updating my board, it changes like the wind! One of my favourite things on this is the David Bromley portrait, I love his portraits so much, and I'm hoping that by having a copy to visualise, it it may bring the real thing to me! I'd better go and read 'The Secret'!!

I've been tagged again to do the 7 weird facts about me again, this tag comes via the very talented Starashan

1) I tend to binge on things I like, and then go off them, I once baked 20 individual pumpkin tarts, that lasted about 20 minutes, I've never made them since!

2) I do the quick crossword in the Sydney Morning Herald every day.

3) I'm completely fickle when it comes to fashion. I can loathe high-waisted jeans one day, and then spend a week trying to find the perfect pair of high-waisted jeans! Are we all a bit like this? Yeah, I think so!

4) I've got a real bee in my bonnet about sweat shops. WHY does everything from the $2 shop smell funny?

5) I'm really superstitious! Black cats, ladders, lucky coins, lucky aprons, you name it, I guess I'm over bad luck and will do anything to ensure good luck in my life!

6) I am a list maker, whenever I'm faced with any kind of project, I immediately sit down and make a list. I've got lists all over the place, I find them in old books, to do lists for selling houses, what to buy and make for Christmas 1999, and endless lists for girls names circa 2003!

7) I'm still looking for my perfect career!!! Any advice greatly appreciated, feel free to use the above list to piece together exactly what it is that I should be doing for a living!

Let me think about who to tag this time!


Victoria said...

Your inspiration board looks rad. I think the stuff from the $2 shop smells like that because they spray it with chemicals upon importing, to kill any foreign bugs, etc. But I might be wrong.

Brierley & Clover said...

How about a personal shopper in a posh store?

You can make a list of what they need, your current customer can be your fad/binge..then you can move onto the next, nothing will smell funny (that's so true, they all smell the same)...and...ok, I'm stuck with the superstitious thing...perhaps make them give you every Friday the 13th off work?!?!?

Net said...

Your inspiration board is one of my favourites! It's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

starashan said...

lol- you're a list writer like me!! (thanks for playing!!)

I love your inspiration board too- full of colour and great images!

Ellie said...

Well I was going to say that #4 was maybe the sweat they dripped on the item...ewww sorry. I think Victoria's suggestion of chemical spray is much more

Betty said...

so many amazing images. I love it.

beautiful indeed
thankyou for sharing

kwoozy said...

hello claire, yay indeed to the end of summer!

agree - $2 shop has a smell - they need to learn from the Japanese ones.

#7; hehe ... don't we all need help with this one.

boobook said...

i adore the wall paper tree with bird house!
I think I might just have to do one my self!

Kirsty said...

I love that image with the little wooden bird house. It's lovely.

Cherryskin said...

I have heard great things about this book for people a bit lost on the job/career front. I have been meaning to read it myself, but I think I know it'll tell me I should be doing graphic or interior design! (Either that or I should have been born into a very rich family so I can just sit around reading and crafting all the livelong day...)

Chalk and Cheese said...

This is not indicative of how I feel always. However, I do think the very idea of a 'career' is highly overrated. I am now on my second (main) career and haven't held any one job longer than about two years. I get bored and always feel there is something better around the corner. I say keep being a creative, crafty lass and treat any job outside that realm as just a 'job'. If you really want a career job, be true to your heart if you want to be 100% happy in it!!!