Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A breakthrough ...

Parker will finally 'pose' for me! So here she is with a little over the shoulder bag I made for her.

Not much of anything to report, just as well as our computer has a bad virus and is prone to booting me out whenever I try to post, hence the lack of blogging.
Parker is going to a 'Finding Fairyland" Party tomorrow, she wants to go as a Pirate, I'm feeling protective and was wondering if I should stash a fairy dress in my bag - just in case? (I'm secretly delighted that she wants to go as a pirate BTW)!! But I know that kids can be cruel, and I don't want her to feel dejected, I've armed her with some come backs, just things like 'girls can do anything' etc etc. Any way, will take lots of pics to post.


Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

Oh Parker!
You look SO cute! I think you are like a blonde version of Winnie from the Wonder Years!

Donna said...

There were girl pirates!

Anne Bonney

Grace O'Malley

There's a kid's book about Grace

Hope she has a lot of fun at the party!

summer pickles said...

GORGEOUS photo! and how great that she wants to go as a pirate --- fantastic!

samantha said...

Yay girl pirates.
cute bag

joanne said...

how cute is she???? Pirates are way cooler than fairies!

Victoria said...

That is just too cute.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made Shirl (and not Shirly) a dress, go Shirl!