Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mmmmmmarimekko for the little one

I found this vintage Marimekko (printed in 1973) a while ago at the oppy, and there wasn't much of it, I've ummed an ahhed about what to do with it ever since, then I got the inspiration (like a bolt of the blue) to make a panel at the front with plain cotton, so I chopped up the pattern, and put it together, with an applique from the left overs. The back is all Marimekko, and is quite bright in real life. I thought the pink was going to be too much for me - but as I've made it, well it's not really is it?


Kate said...

How lucky is the little one?
That dress is gorgeous.
Hope your move went well and you've settled in.

starashan said...

very cute! Must be great to have all the sewing gear out again after the big move. :o)

Jodie said...

Claire, it looks great !!!

Amanda said...

YAY i remember when you found that fabric lol. That looks so funky, i love it!!!

Linda said...

Awesome colours. It looks great.
Good find, I would have peed.

ingrid said...

Oh Fabulous Claire! I love this.
What a great fabric find!
I have a gf who recently came across almost 2 metres of marimekko at her local op shop and got the whole lot for $5!!!!
Surely it must be my turn soon.